Membership and Dues

Membership in the Society is available to United States citizens, and to legal permanent residents of the United States, who are of Scotch-Irish descent. The Scotch-Irish Society of the U.S.A. and the Scotch-Irish Foundation consider that the term "Scotch-Irish" generically designates those persons who are descended in either the male or female line from an ancestor or ancestors who emigrated to America, directly or indirectly, from Ulster, and whose families, hailing from Scotland, Britain, France, and other places in Europe, had previously settled in Ulster about the year 1600 or thereafter. Membership is individually held. There is an application fee of $20.00. The annual dues are $30.00.

Associate membership (non-voting) is available to any person who does not meet the membership requirements, but who, nevertheless, understands and supports the objectives of the Society. The application fee is $20.00 and the annual dues are $30.00.

You may print and complete the Application Form
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For information please contact the Society secretary:
or write to:
ATTN: Pat McKee Mulvey, Secretary
The Scotch-Irish Society USA
P0 Box 15
Verbank, NY 12585-9998